ghost can't make linux partition image

I’m trying to use ghost8.2 under winXP to make an image of my linux root partition. as soon as I click start, the process finishes right away without any errors. but the image file is only 6K or so. ghost seems not being able to recognize linux partition.
have anyone ever met the same situation,is there any other programs which can make linux partition image?

Hi chesterpeng,

What’s the partition type (ext, reiser) and are you maybe using LVM?
As far as I know Ghost only supports native (non LVM) etx2/3 and reiserfs partitions.


g4l can do it,so can partimage. As for norton ghost, depends on the filesystem support


my linux root partition is ext3.

This issue has been solved by using G4L, a nice opensouce program worth to know.
Thanks you all for the tips.:slight_smile:

Yes, I know the problem and the solution.

In kernels after 2.6.10 the default inode-size is 256 bytes. Ghost can only backup a partition if the inode-size is 128 bytes as it used to be so you need to recreate the filesystem with mkfs.ext3 using the option -I 128 before you can use ghost.


Well spotted Martin! Forgot all about that one :slight_smile:

will recreate filesystem erase/damage any files under my root directory and what is the exact command line for that?
thanks for your help.

Yes, it’s a reformat effectively so you have to backup your files first.