Getting Two password prompts after logging in

Getting Two password prompts after logging in. Is this normal ?

Better to upload images here: http:// . That will not ask things that I do not want to answer about my privacy. :wink:

It is after you log in. That means that it probably comes from your desktop. Which desktop (KDE/Plasma, Gnome, XCFE,…)?

Sorry to say, but I am unable to read your image.

Near the top left, I see what might be a password prompt. But it is dark gray on a black background, and not enough contrast to read anything.

Lower, toward the bottom right, there’s a prompt that I can actually read. It looks as if it is coming from your desktop.

Maybe you should tell us what desktop environment you are using, and whether this is a restore after hibernation.

Maybe I am missing something, but I only see one prompt there for any
thing like a password, and that’s for your keyring passphrase I think;
there is also another prompt asking about something else which is in the
foreground, but no password/input field.

It would help if you told us a bit about your system, and its history, and
the like to help us better understand your situation. Version, patches,
newly installed, ever upgraded, what other (external?) software
installed/used, what is currently loading, if it happens to other users on
the same system, or for your user on a separate system, when it started, etc.

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> Getting Two password prompts after logging in. Is this normal ?
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Good luck.

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I am using Gnome.

The two password requests appears as soon as I login.

The “Access prompt wants to inhibit shortcuts” window asks for a password as soon as I click on “Allow”.

The the other box is asking for a password as you can see.

For some reason this forum wont allow me to post attachment.

See post #2 above!

Something funky with GNOME keyring by the look, do you use have anything stored? If not you could delete the following two files to reset, then logout/login;

ls .local/share/keyrings/

login.keyring  user.keystore

rm .local/share/keyrings/*key*

I got these. Do you still think I should delete ?

~> ls .local/share/keyrings/
default  Default_keyring.keyring  login.keyring  user.keystore 

I only have the login and user one, I would surmise it’s the default* and Default* that maybe causing the issue. If your worried, just move them out of .local/share/keyrings/ to say your $HOME directory, logout/login it should only create;

login.keyring  user.keystore

I have moved all of them to a folder inside my /home and then rebooted.

This time there was no password prompt but unfortunately the system has not created new files

so in short that folder (.local/share/keyrings/) is now completely empty.

I have no idea what effect this has on security.

BTW, I am only concerned about WAN security coz this is a desktop and only I have access to it.

I don’t think that’s actually a problem.

As far as I know, when you login the login keyring is created. But if you are using autologin, then you never actually login so it isn’t created. Instead, anything that needs to be saved will go to the default keyring. And the default keyring is not created until the first time that it is actually needed.

Got it. Thanks.