Getting Started with the OpenSUSE Build Service


I’m running OpenSUSE Leap on all my desktop installations, and I’m quite happy with it.

As it happens, there’s a handful of packages missing in the official repositories - or the usual suspects among third party repositories.

I’d like to build my own packages for these and setup my own repository.

I’ve already done this years ago on Slackware and also on CentOS. On Slackware it was just a matter of writing a bone-headed build script. On CentOS I built packages locally using rpmbuild.

If I understand correctly, the orthodox way to go about this under OpenSUSE is to use the OpenSUSE build service.

I’m not a lamer for RTFM, but before diving head first into this, I’d like to ask you for some general advice here. Any caveats ? Any good tutorials/primers you can recommend ?

Thanks & cheers from the sunny South of France,


See here and the navigation on the right side:

That’s too funny! rotfl!

Thank you very much :stuck_out_tongue: