Getting OpenMPI Running

I would like to get mpi running on my laptop with opensuse 11. My plan is to run programs locally on one machine with several processes using mpi so that I can test small cases before I move to a cluster and really get things going. First of all, does it make sense to do this? I don’t see why I can’t.

I installed the openMPI package from the package manager, which also installed the mpi selector. But I don’t seem to have mpicc or mpiCC or mpirun. Are there other packages I need?

Well, ok, that was easy enough to fix :slight_smile: I just rebooted, and I can use mpicc and mpiCC just fine.

But I get a compile error. The compiler is not finding mpi.h. Actually, using the command ‘find’, I can’t find it either! Perhaps there’s a package I still need to pick up?

I have an application that does not compile with openmpi.
So I deleted openmpi and installed LAM. Now everything works
fine. Unless you have a compelling reason for using openmpi,
you could try LAM and see if it works.

Thanks for the reply. I will give LAM a go.

Ok, well, I don’t have the wrappers like mpicc, but I do get man pages for them. I also still don’t seem to have mpi.h anywhere.

mpi.h should be there. As root try
rpm -ql lam-devel|grep mpi.h
In opensuse, all of the components of lam and lam-devel
are in the standard paths.

I tried ‘rpm -ql lam-devel|grep mpi.h’, but it doesn’t return anything.

Make sure that you install both lam and lam-devel using
the Yast package manager. These packages are in the official
opensuse repositories. Or use zypper:
zypper install lam lam-devel

Argh!! I swear I had grabbed lam-devel, but sure enough, I only got lam. You know, it’s these little things that’ll kill ya…

Ok, I can compile and run my code, and it seems to work fine. Although I don’t know why openMPI didn’t work, lam does what I need.

Thanks plasmonics for all the help!