Getting issues in copying firstboot.xml file present inside iso to my installed system

I want to copy firstboot.xml that is present inside iso to my installed system using Autoyast. I tried using <file_location>relurl://firstboot.xml </file_location>
But it’s not happening.
If my file is present in ftp server then I am able to copy it to my installed system. Please help how I can copy file from iso to my installed system.


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This is very cryptic (at least to me) and does not show any copy command. We always want to see the complete session: the prompt/command line, all output, the next prompt line.

I may understand you completely wrong, but as you want to copy a file from an ISO file system, I assume you have mounted that file system somewhere?

/etc/sysconfig/firstboot relurl://firstboot.xml shell <![CDATA[
touch /var/lib/YaST2/reconfig_system




this is complete file tag that I am using, I have firstboot.xml inside the root directory of my iso. I want to copy it to the installed system. it works fine when I fetch file from FTP server using ftp://username:password@ip. but I want to perform same thing from iso(when I keep my file inside opensuse iso). I want my autoyast profile to take this file from iso and copy it to installed system.
I don’t think we need any copy command because, there are two tags <file_path>/etc/YaST2/firstboot.xml</file_path> and <file_location>relurl://firstboot.xml</file_location> which specify we need to add file to <file_path>/etc/YaST2/firstboot.xml</file_path> from <file_location>relurl://firstboot.xml</file_location> .