Getiing started with LAMP

Hi, I hope someone can set me straight - I want to get started with LAMP - so I got 11.1, installed it & I got a book, I now could do with some help in setting up the environment under OpenSuse 11.1 - could some kind person point me to some resources that will get me going please ?

This might be worth a read – it takes you into the Apache setup – that’s a start:
Apache Web Server on openSUSE 10.x and 11.x (including SSI and CGI)

Here is what I did…

I’m using KDE 4

  1. Start -> Utilities -> Administrator Settings
  2. Double click software management
  3. Then look at the left-pane and search for the Web & LAMP entry.
  4. Put a check into it and review the packages that will be installed in the right-pane.
  5. Click-install


You might also want to check this one

Install & Configure LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) in openSUSE 11.0 | SUSE & openSUSE

Hi All,

That is all so confusing.

I’ve done this all before. Isn’t there an exact how to - YaST doesn’t seem to want to play, and isn’t there a Falkko guide out there?

I only want to set this all up to test a few new things on my “testing” site before I go live.

As far as I remember this was always so much simpler. Maybe that was with Ubuntu. LOL!