German state gov. ditching Windows for Linux, 30K workers migrating

Saw this yesterday, all over the internet. I hope they succeed and many other public administrations imitate them. Hopefully a number of these Linux installations will be from the SUSE family.


I think this time the project will succeed as they’re providing user training unlike Munich.

This is important IME, when I made the switch from Windows there wasn’t a 1-to-1 replacement for my entire workflow but there was an alternative/better way of doing things. I just had to figure out what those were. Now if each user gets training and help on adapting their workflow for a Linux platform I see no major blockers.

I’d be surprised if it isn’t Suse as it’s a home grown distro.
Would be nice if someone here has an inside scoop! :ice_cream:


Has to be Suse. Vorsprung durch Technik.


Good new. Indeed, like for all major change in working process and habits, the training and step by step helping is fundamental. Especially since, even if there was huge progress in DE environments, Linux can yet suffer from a “for-experts-only” image.

“Due to the high hardware requirements of Windows 11, we would have a problem with older computers. With Linux we don’t have that,” Albrecht told Heise magazine, per a Google translation.

And here we are, today in Europe, there are several points converging in this direction. W11 crystallizes in itself a lot of trends and problems to solve.

  • Like said, the economic coast of update : how many public administrations can really afford a complete (or so) device parc replacement ?
  • And with ~80% of the ecological coast of a device related to its manufacture (at least for greenhouse gas emissions), how about climate neutrality goals ?
  • Then, shifting to Linux and leaving Microsoft (and other GAFAM or BATX) is also a step to digital sovereignty and consistency with legislative progress on data protection. Citizens are more aware and concerned today, thanks to scandals and GDPR forcing to publish leaks (Last in France : “France Travail”/“Pôle Emploi”, for ~40 millions people).

Would be nice if someone here has an inside scoop!

+1. Or any new about this !