Genius MousePen 8x6

I recently got this tablet, and managed to get it working by following both ubuntu installation instructions, and fedora installation instructions :smiley: well, it might seem stupid, but at first, the ubuntu instructions didn’t work for me, then the fedora instructions got me somewhere, and finally i finished with ubuntu ones again :smiley: don’t ask, i’m just happy it worked out finally.

Well, it works. The GIMP recognizes the tablet, pressure works, inkscape works, krita, oddly enough, doesn’t. But, the question should fix that also.

And here’s the question: i need the tablet to control my pointer everywhere, not only in these programs that support additional input methods. For example, i’d like to use the tablet to doodle in pidgin, and some other flash sites, possibly.

if anyone knows how to achieve this, i’d appreciate the hint. i will gladly post any setting if needed.

thanks in advance!

welcome to the (seemingly) complicated world of tablets;

two recent posts on this forum, which have multiple entries; may be of interest to you;

SuSe 11 Wacom Graphire4 absolute mode - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums

in the above, one poster believed he could offer “the answer”

and the other post, may also contain useful background for you to dig, and labour, and wade through;

Wacom Intuos 3 install - Page 5 - openSUSE Forums

welcome to the world of editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf files and other delights;

good luck; let us know how you get along

Not sure, but did you try to set the wizardpen (or mousepen) device as the corepointer in xorg.conf?

If it’s anything like a touchscreen, you would add the input device
identifier into the server layout section eg;

Section "ServerLayout"
InputDevice  "YourIdentifier" "SendCoreEvents"

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Best one is still

Duncan Mac-Vicar P. » Blog Archive » Genius tablet under Linux

and the guy has current packages (OpenSuse 10.2, OpenSuse 10.3, OpenSuse 11.0) at

Index of /repositories/home:/dmacvicar

You may use the other two for tweaking it a bit if you understand how everything works or would like to understand what to tweak

  1. Ubuntu’s howto + latest forum posts (do it yourself step by step but not exactly ;-))

There used to be archived posts on the same subject but for whatever reason I am not getting them as search results.

Hope this helps someone!