GeForce 8500 GT - VESA?

I have a GeForce 8500GT, and when I try and boot off a Live CD (GNOME or KDE) my display is all messed up and I can’t see anything properly. I’ve had this on a couple of distros before, and I just used “safe graphics mode” or similar at boot menu, but there isn’t one (10.3 btw) is there a command I can add to make it run in safe graphics / VESA?

Update; downloaded openSUSE 11.0 live cd, (bittorrent) checked md5sum, burnt, verified, checked m5dsum again from boot menu, tried booting normally, again in failsafe mode and also in VESA, every time it’s messed up after splash screen. See green, hear login sound, part of a window appears and a grey bar along the bottom of the screen. Keyboard doesn’t work, power button doesn’t work, only option is to use reset swtich.

Once you’re in console mode you can type su to get root privileges and then run *yast2. *This would allow you to try to fix your display and other issues.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, i’ve sort of got round the problem though.
I downloaded the 64bit version of the live cd, and it seems to be working ok. Recognises the card make and model, just no 3D stuff. I assume i’d have to actually install and do some stuff to turn that on.

Indeed. You’ll have to activate the Nvidia repository through Yast.
Then the nvidia drivers will then setup automatically through online updates.

you know i got SLI mode gigabyte 8500GT cards 512MB and i get a Fatal error: no screens detected. Now i went to the Nvidia site and did their whole story and it cant find matching drivers to my card. so i think if i cant find a solution to this problem im going to go over fedora and try my luck there

Can’t find a driver? there is only one, just depends on your

Have a read here first…

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