gdm + plasma wm and Windows AD issues

Hi, I’m setting up a couple of machines for public use and they are configured to log in many users using Windows AD auth. Since the default Display Manager/Window Manager combination (KDM/Plasma) became problematic (I’ll explain below), I decided to try different combinations of DM/WM and I faced a number of problems…

  1. Installing leap 15.0 with KDM and KDE Plasma WM doesn’t work since KDM doesn’t allow logging in using AD (only GDM does)
  2. Using GDM and Gnome WM doesn’t work for me since gnome windows don’t come with minimize/maximize buttons (and although this can be changed, I’ve tried, and failed, to make the changes take effect for all users of the system - including, and especially AD users)
  3. Using GDM + Plasma WM works well since plasma does come with maximize and minimize buttons but there is, again, a huge problem: after 5 minutes of inactivity, the screen locks to KDM lock screen. Now, there’s two things here: Locking and Logging out. When you log out from Plasma, it goes back to my GDM login screen, that’s fine. But when Plasma locks itself (after 5 minutes of inactivity) it goes to KDM lock screen which can be unlocked by the currently locked user fine. BUT, if you try to switch to a new user by doing ‘switch user > start new session’ the screen goes black and the only way to bring back the login screen (GDM) is to press CTRL+ALT+F7
    What do I need? Is there a way to completely get rid of KDM lock screen so that even if Plasma locks, it goes straight to GDM? or can the black screen after clicking ‘start new session’ be fixed? Or has anyone found a way to make Gnome Tweak settings (the fix for maximize/minimize button is there) available for AD users (where can I post this to get help?)
    This is a lot but any help (or sympathy, or empathy) will be much appreciated, thanks.

Hello and welcome to the forums.

This is a bit confusing. At the top you mention this thread is about LEAP15.1 and now you type 15.2, which is more or less impossible because even 15.1 is not yet released.

If this was a typo and you mean 15.1, then please be aware that that is not yet released and that thus not many people here will have experience with it. Also, when you run it, it is more or less expected that you are in fact testing and thus reporting eventual problems (on some mailing list, I presume).

My mistake, I could have sworn I downloaded leap 15.2, anyway, it’s 15.0. Let me see if I can change it.

You can’t change it. I did it for you :wink:

Just a quick comment here.

When you mention “KDM”, I suspect that you are really referring to “SDDM”. And that’s throughout your post.

I mention this, because it might otherwise confuse some people reading this.

When you install KDE/Plasma, the default is to use SDDM. The repos still contain the old KDM, but it is not installed by default and will eventually go away. The Plasma lock screen does look similar to the SDDM login screen.

And I’ll note that I am using GDM with Plasma, though for different reasons.

Yes, that is correct, it is SDDM

p.s. sorry about all the mistakes, new here, to openSUSE and the forum

From what you’ve posted, I think that’s enough to submit a bug report (with the clarification that your DM is SDDM and not KDM).

The workaround of course is to return from your lock screen to your original User first, then logout and switch to your other User. I’d expect that the solution should be to verify that the lockscreen switch User implements exactly the same flow which it probably does not.