Hey everyone! Got a new hp laptop while deployed and bought the opensuse on linuxcd.org (I think that’s the domain.)

Extremely excited to finally get out of the “windows” and going to try to learn Wine first thing since my 2 games I play (while stateside) is DC Universe and WoW.

Quite honestly pretty worried about this but I always go into everything head-on.


Hi Cameron,

Wlecome to openSUSE. I think Wow plays well under wine, so I heard. You can check the state of your games at wineAppdb site.

Welcome to community. Sorry but I do not play games with openSUSE only programming and developing. As I know Wine plays some of games and windows applications but not all of them, so you must connect to wine’s website and check which games and application can run under wine.

Welcome to the community!

I play agent8ball and Galactic Plunder, but they are examples of what can be done with HTML5. Looking for a golf game.