Gaming with Steam & Tumbleweed

Hello lol!

I want to migrate totally on Linux, and no longer use Windows. I’m not a big gamer, but I love playing Crusader Kings II via Steam. I think the game should work fine with Steam on Linux.

However, do I need to install the proprietary NVidia driver?

Do any of you use Steam on Linux?

Thank you for your opinion :smiley:

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For games use Leap + Nvidia driver.
Possibly you will need dual boot with Windows for ray tracing games.

To install the nvidia driver, have a look at this:
And if you have an optimus laptop, you should also have a look at this: SDB:NVIDIA SUSE Prime - openSUSE Wiki

If you do not want to have “surprises” from time to time, use Leap. If you do not mind investing time in your system’s maintenance and want to use the (nearly) newest software, use Tumbleweed.

But if you are new to Linux, I would recommend you to start with Leap.

Works fine here, LEAP 15.3 + NVIDIA 1650 Super with proprietary driver 460.84.
This is a desktop, so no Optimus.

KCII should work fine too, Steam classifies it as linux compatible. The usually list them as SteamOS+Linux compatible, but I never had a problem running them with the steam client on openSUSE LEAP, no need to use SteamOS.

But I’d strongly recommend LEAP instead of Thumbleweed for this.

Thank you for your answers lol!

I’m not really new to Linux, I used Ubuntu for years, but I switched to OpenSUSE recently.

I prefer Tumbleweed in order to have the latest packages, like it was on KDE Neon, for example.

Do you recommand to use Leap only because I will have less problems with it, for gaming ?

My graphic card is :

01:00.0 **VGA** compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation TU104M [GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Mobile / Max-Q] [1
0de:1e91] (rev a1) 
        Subsystem: Dell Device [1028:09f9] 
        Kernel driver in use: nouveau 
        Kernel modules: nouveau

I have a Dell G7 7700 laptop. What is Optimus ? How can I know if I have it ? Do I need to disable it ?

Thanks :nerd:

Generally speaking, LEAP is more stable, and I’ve seen some posts about issues with nvidia + thumbleweed, as sometimes nvidia lacks behind in terms of kernel module, or something like that. Try browsing the game forum posts, and maybe hardware and install/boot/login, you’ll have a much better notion of the issues.

Optimus: did you try googling it? For instance, ? This is an old post, but informative.

Did you pay attention to the recommendations in Svyatko and thibdb13 posts above?

Check your laptop specs.

You do not need to maintain one of the GPUs disabled, only if you want to - for instance, if you don’t need the dedicated (nvidia) GPU, when you use your laptop for office work only. For gaming, you do want to be able to switch GPUs: nvidia for gaming, onboard (intel or ryzen) for cooler operation and longer time operation on battery on lighter tasks.

This is all basic, form what I gather reading around. I never had an Optimus system.

Leap 15.3 is fine for gaming, but due to Leap outdated dependencies, I had issues with previous Leap 15.2, where some games did not work without workarounds. So while Tumbleweed will have issues with NVidia, I would not be so sure with Leap recommendation as always better gaming platform.

Tumbleweed and nvidia are that not that problematic. Just don’t be the first person to update if the kernel or the nvidia driver are listed in the updates. When they do change, keep an eye on the mailing lists and forums checking for any reports of issues - after a few days silence is golden.

You can also use zypper/rpm to lock down the kernel and nvidia driver until you think an update would be safe.

I actually cannot be bothered waiting. I update with 24 hours of changes being available. Because of this I have nvidia issues perhaps every six months or so. Mostly I just boot back into the previous kernel (you can have multiple kernels installed at the same time). I don’t use btrfs/snapper, but I guess those who do might just roll back. All of the issues I’ve had would have been avoided if I held back after major kernel bumps or major driver bumps - let the other penguins jump in the water first.

The main thing with Tumbleweed is the update treadmill can feel endless. But I have read of some folk who don’t bother updating Tumbleweed all that often and don’t appear to have any issues because of it (aside from missing security updates - which should be pretty harmless if your LAN is properly protected).

I was going to ask the same question, but you asked. Thanks for all help.:slight_smile:

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Leap + Nvidia driver always good idea