Gamescope (steam xwayland game renderer) - no official package

Looking for advice on getting gamescope running on tumbleweed.
Seems like gaming generally would benefit from being run through Steams ‘gamescope’ xwayland render.

However, there is no official package:

A few questions:

  1. Does anyone have any knowledge vof whether this is going to go ‘official’?
  2. Does anyone have any recommenation on which experiemntal package to try?
    i.e. is there any ranking on the list of experiemntal packages? most downloaded / most updated / etc
  3. Does anyone have any experience in running gamescope on TW they’d like to tell me about?

Many thanks. Jbt

this has now been done. thank you to all involved:

one more tick on the scorecard for tumbleweed gaming.