Funky gtk3 style and libreoffice menu issues

Using Tumbleweed and Mate, but when I load gtk3 apps, the have some weird theme that appears to be crippled. Libreoffice also has a weird blue shading bug on menus.
Using clearlooks-phoenix gtk2/gtk3 theme, kfanza icons. I even have clearlooks in the gnome3 control panel setup.

No problems with desktop, firefox, most apps. KDE apps have no issue either.

Very strange.

Gedit has weird menus



GTK 3.20 seems broke most themes, breeze, ambient, radiance, numix, clearlooks-phenix. Clearlooks standard is working again, so must have been patched.

Using mate (gtk2) with clearlooks-phenix so gtk2/gtk3 had the same theme. Switched to clearlooks and fixed it.

Seems many more combo gtk2/gtk3 metatheme packages are broke due to gnome group.

by now only a few themes work or have been updated to 3.20, I know vertex is one of them ('cause I’m using it :stuck_out_tongue: )