fsck problem

Hi to everybody,
My openSUSE 13.1x64 can’t boot.
After pressing esc during boot time i can see counting from 1 to 27% and reporting sda constitency problem run fsck manually without options,the problem is that begins from the start until 27% and so on.Cycling like that doesnt give me a command line to run fsck.
The format is ext4,last time years ago that i had problem with a disk i was using reiserfs.
I really dont know what to do
Please somebody help.:frowning:

Boot a live CD, or boot the install DVD to rescue mode. Then run “fsck” from the command line:

fsck /dev/sda3

except change that “sda3” to the file system that is giving you problems.

This might not solve your problem, but at least you can run “fsck” manually. There is always a possibility that you have a failing hard drive.

After booting with the installation DVD in rescue mode and doing fsck
;)Everything works like before


I think I once had to do a manual “fsck” on an “ext4” file system. But it only happened once. It was probably after a system freeze, where I did a forced power-off to recover from the freeze. Usually, it recovers with the automatic “fsck” during boot.

I’ve had to use fsck to manually repair an ext4 file system many times, however it should be noted that power is very unreliable on our little island, and I’m pretty sure the repairs have always been needed after an outage lasting longer than the life of my UPS battery and when I was not home.

@dimistat71 - do you recall if your last shutdown before this issue was due to a power loss or other abrupt cause? At any rate I’d just wait, do regular backups and see if this happens a few times without any apparent cause. If so I’d think seriously about replacing the drive.