Frozen mouse

I just installed 11.1 KDE 3.5 again. While installing the mouse worked. But on the first reboot the mouse froze. It’s not a hardware problem because it works on my 10.3 installation. I even switched from PS2 port to USB and used yast to re-configure. I greped all the log files with no result. Is there a log file of the installation that I can check?

I don’t want to discourage anyone but this is the fourth time I have tried installing 11.1 on two different boxes and each time something different went wrong causing me to stick with 10.3.

Strange, because 11.x has been fine for me.
Try configuring the mouse in yast2>graphics and monitor. There is probably a yast setting for it as well from a console login.

Also, are you sure you haven’t got the mouse-k/board connections swapped?

Problem solved. Running Media Check in Yast (another installation) showed it was a bad install DVD. The Yast installer could not load a user control/setup module.

Thanks for the suggestion.