fresh install on nvme ssd

I have new hardware:

  • MB asus X99-S
  • intel cpu
  • Pce SSD intel 750 Nvme

How do i install correct with efi boot (secured boot) openSUSE Leap?
How format i correct for use efi? normally i format and use grub2 like this:

sda1 = / (20 GBroot)
sda2 = /home (10 GB home)
sda3 = swap (2 GB)
sda4 = /Backup (20GB backup)
sda5 = /Data (free space for data use

You have two options:

  1. Use “Create Partition Setup” option. It will be a button above “Expert Partitioner…” button. And these buttons will be below a (probably) a long list of actions/changes OpenSuse wants to do with a disk.
    So “Create Partition Setup” is a semi-guided partitioning option. It should detect that UEFI is in use and create/prropose a partition for UEFI boot. In my experience it will be 156 MB partition.

  2. Manually create partition of at least 156 MB, format it as FAT file system and set to mount it to /boot/efi

Also, this article may be useful to you

As the poster before says, you need a small (VFAT) partition for UEFI boot process, has to be one of the low entries also I believe, and by default the system will create that for you.
I had to remove all my other disks to force it to put all of itself itself on the fast ssd, it wanted to spread all over the sofa otherwise…

You may want to turn secure boot off for the install but check the seure boot box in the installer

You must boot the installer in EFI mode not legacy

If you boot installer in EFI mode it suggests correct partitions automatically. This presumes your NVMe SSD is visible in BIOS in the first place. If not, you cannot boot from it.