Frequent reference escaped migration, defective on wayback machine

A frequent reference [Using Code Tags Around Your Paste] is defective on and generates a 404 on Is there still some post archive migration left to do? Is there a way to get it back?

This is not valid anymore as Discurse provides an way more advanced editor. Just use “Preformatted text” and you can get all kind of formats…

What makes you think it was only useful in these forums?

BTW, what needs to be done to get email notices that replies have been posted? I should have gotten at least two so far and have gotten none. I’ve never been to a forum where the default was not to always email a notification for each reply in a thread in which I posted anything.

Because Discurse does not use code tags. It is not used anymore.

Go to your settings->Emails/Notifications/Activities and properly set it up as you wish.

Most users use other ways if they are interested in a topic. Not everybody wants to get spammed with Emails ala “There is a response”…

  1. Code tags still work just fine. this is preformatted text using code tags
  2. Users still need to know they should use whatever method of the day you prefer to post computer text. Most first time users do not. And “preformatted text” (assuming users even look at this button) bears no association with “computer text”.

Yes, I agree and believe it would be helpful if the FAQ-section (or some other easy to recognize Help-button) would point to

Discourse new user guide
Markdown Reference