Frequency of LibreOffice updates?

I’m just wondering why we have so many LibreOffice updates - every couple of days, I see a ton of LibreOffice updates… It’s beginning to cut into my traffic allowance more than I’d like, but I guess that’s a given.

It got much better in the last two weeks, but it seem to be back to updating every second day again…

Now I was just wondering, what kind of frequency should we expect in regards to LibreOffice updates?

Every few days? Once a week? Or will it always fluctuate due to other requirements?


Packages with many dependencies do update every time a package in the tree does.

As we are here in a rolling release other than stable not every update is a must have security update. If you reach a state of stableness of your desktop you are content with then just make an update some weeks later as you like the frequency …

This irks me too. So I went to Yast → software management – and searched on libreoffice. I right-click → all in this list → lock

Then when I do “zypper dup”, all the libreoffice packages have disappeared from the process.

You probably have to be only a little a bit adventurous to do it. And occasionally revert them to be free to update, particularly if the “zypper dup” dialogue looks odd.

If you don’t need libreoffice for serious work to do locking these packages might be ok. The better way would be to just uninstall libreoffice. And if you need it just reinstall.

I was thinking of doing the same, but I assumed it might break something?
I guess I’ll go with that then.

Thanks swerdna!

Well yes it might break something, eventually, but zypper will likely warn you when that time comes. And if it doesn’t then when libreoffice stops working (or whatever) all you have to do is unlock the libreoffice packages and run zypper dup again and it should come good. But if it doesn’t come good it would be time to restore a backup (if you make them).

(I make backups from time to time so I can rewrite the whole root drive if necessary, taking it backwards in time)


When using umts, limited to 5GB per month, my strategy is as follows,
in Yast --Configured Software Repositories,
– Disable ‘Auto Refresh’ on all

Then when a hard-wire network connection is available, or at the end of an account period,
in Yast --Configured Software Repositories, select
–Refresh, --Refresh all Enabled and then OK.

This stops uncontrolled automatic updates and allows the update to happen when convenient.