"Freeze" Kernel 4.11.8 due to current issues with 4.12.x

Is it possible to “freeze” Tumbleweed on Kernel 4.11.8 while updating other packages through zipper? I usually do a zipper dup - how can I avoid that kernel 4.12.x is installed?

I have severe problems with Kernel 4.12.7 and 4.12.8 - both kernels corrupt the graphical system during boot, I did not manage to get Nouveau working, and the legacy NVidia driver .340 fails to compile and install. While trying to find a solution I nearly broke my system and only managed to safe the installation through reviving a snapshot …

While I find several posts on issues in relation to NVidia cards and Kernel 4.12.x through Google, it seems not many openSuse users have this problem … Maybe it is really linked to the NVidia NVS 3100m series. Still, I hope that someone is working on this issue.

For the time being I need to stay with 4.11.x (or 4.11.8). How can I do this?