freeNX vs X2Go

While trouble-shooting FreeNX for 12.3 x64, I came across X2Go. Is there any community opinion on these two? I noticed that FreeNX is not really being updated, whereas X2Go seems to be in active development. (I believe they are both implementations using NX and OpenSSH.)

Can anyone share experiences? I need to give users KDE across an NX layer.

Thank You!!

I always have issues with freeNX but the package from saved me some headache. Not sure this will help you though :slight_smile:

Thanks… I had been using the nomachine software up until a few years ago when it began to give me headaches - never found out why - but tried FreeNX and it worked like a charm. Go figure… Just recently I tried the free version of the nomachine server, but it has been given new limitations it didn’t have previously - so I’m betting the free version is on the way out somehow… I decided to avoid it.