FreeFileSync not available for openSUSE Leap 15.3

I have installed the new version of openSUSE Leap 15.3. However, while I was installing my usual applications I noticed that FreeFileSync is not available.

FreeFileSync is not in the main repository for LEAP although it is in Tumbleweed. So, in LEAP 15.2, I installed the “network” OBS repository. However, FreeFileSync does not seem to exist in the network repository for LEAP 15.3. See:

Should I expect this to be available soon? Or is there a place where I can file a bug for a missing package?

On a side note, the website “” still does not list repositories for LEAP 15.3. In order to add the repositories, I had to use the “Add repository and install manually” option, and manually modify the repo links to read 15.3 instead of 15.2. Is this also going to be fixed soon?

FreeFileSync does not build:

Hi zaidgs,
In case that’s not going to be fixed, you may want to try unison:
It’s also got a GUI mode which is convenient for startup or troubleshooting. When everything runs smoothly, you can put it into batch mode which runs quite fast in the background. Documentation is great but maybe not easy to find in /usr/share/doc/packages/unison/unison-manual.html .

Thank you Sauerland for identifying the cause of this issue! Is it possible to file a bug report or otherwise request that the build issues be resolved?

And thank you kasi042 for suggesting unison. FreeFileSync is more suitable for my needs, however, unison has some useful functionality.

Looks like the package maintainer is working on it…

That is good news… I will wait for a few days and see how it goes…