Frame buffer garbage

I am noticing the display exposing uninitialized/random frame buffer data during X startup/shutdown/login/logout. I have installed 11.1 on two machines. One machine is an x86 installation with Intel GMA X3100 display hardware. The other is an x86_64 installation with a 9800GT and NVidia’s proprietary drivers installed from the build service repo.

I see garbage on the display(s) briefly during kdm login and logout. The cause is obvious; the frame buffers are being left uninitialized. The buffers should be set to some uniform color. This isn’t a serious problem, it just looks erratic. Anyone else see this?

I would chalk this up to a specific driver implementation and say little or nothing, but I’m seeing it with two unrelated drivers.

I did not observe this with 10.x and I don’t remember it happening in 11.0 (although I spent little time with that release and may be mistaken.)

It seems to be quite common, don’t worry about it.

Yes, I get this on a laptop with Intel graphics. It is absolutely horrid and very unprofessional in appearance.

I have one desktop that uses the nvidia (closed) driver and another that uses radeonhd or fglrx and neither of these does anything like this.

Time to file a bug, maybe.


I had it for a while, then I didn’t have for a while.

Now I got a dual monitor setup and one monitor shows a nice login progress bar while the other is displaying garbage.