forced hibernate with full batteries..


I am experiencing a pretty annoying problem; when waking the laptop from suspend the system goes back to suspend once the wake-up is done. After that it does a forced hibernate directly after a second wake-up from suspend, claiming that the batteries are almost completely depleted. However the batteries are in fact full, and I know this because after waking the computer from hibernation I can use it for almost 4-5 hours.

I have realised a couple of things while trying to pinpoint the specifics of the problem:

  • the problem only occurs when waking from suspend when the laptop is not connected to the adapter.

  • the problem seems to occur only when the extra batteries (attached via the dock connection)

I am running SUSE 11.2 on a Toshiba Portege R100 by the way.

Any help is really appreciated!

What are the specs of the system and what external devices are being used at the time the problem occurs,

The basic specs are as follows; let me know if theres anything else you are after… There are no external devices that I am using with this computer.

Processor Intel Pentium M 1.0 GHz

Power Efficiency Ultra Low Voltage (ULV)

Data Bus Speed 400.0 MHz

Chipset Type Intel 855PM


256 + 512 MB: DDR266/PC2100