force EDID into system to detect unknown CRT monitor

Hi all,

I have an 11.3 gnome system where default monitor is not detected connected through the vga cable to a crt monitor, ( no dvi available ). On the nouveau driver.

I’ve read this article — openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users

Is there a way to install the crt’s edid ### so that the monitor it detected and resolutions / refresh rates are adjustable in a full user mode?

Really, I’m just trying to make available the resolutions to the monitor, however, I’m trying to do so in a particular way.

is there an issue using the proprietary nvidia driver?

As ed_v inquired, you may want to try the proprietary nvidia driver, if your graphics hardware is supported. That allows the possibility of loading EDID info from file, if the display device is problematic (common with CRT devices). The xorg.conf options available for the nouveau driver are rather more limited:

man nouveau

With the nouveau driver, what does the ‘xrandr’ command report? Is the desired resolution listed at all? If so, you may find it is sufficient to edit 50-monitor.conf (or create a minimal xorg.conf) as outlined here:


Hey thanks for the advise,

I was hoping to load from file the EDID with the nouveau driver.

At least I have the option to make the monitor work anyway with xorg.conf or the proprietary driver like you say.

Yes, it looks like an EDID fix for the nouveau driver is in the pipeline upstream as indicated in this bug report.

Reference to it here.

Right on — nice to know things are being fixed.