For the Windows (XP) users that don't feel at home in Linux
Couldn’t fit ‘chinese Windows XP users’ in the title, but the link above links to a chinese distro closely resembling Windows XP.

Could be interesting I guess to lower the learning curve for the most basic of users… that is, if they’re not killed off by Microsoft sometime soon.

Looks interesting. But, I can’t understand a bit of it :wink:
Hope, it is not Chinese XP :wink:

If its English language you want, then try XPbuntu :slight_smile: ***

edit : website here:*

[QUOTE=oldcpu;2094655]If its English language you want, then try XPbuntu :slight_smile: ***

This is really interesting!
Anything equivalent for KDE?*

rotfl!rotfl! thats a joke … right ???

In truth, I’ve been trialing openSUSE-11.2’s Gnome on my sandbox PC and its growing on me … not enough to switch all my PC’s over to Gnome, but its growing.

So given that Gnome growth, how about this for WinXP:
PC Hacks: Make Up Over Your Windows Look Like Ubuntu

So you’re a traitor too, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: Just like swerdna (used) to be :stuck_out_tongue:

I look forward to the day when Windows 13 or whatever will have a “quick the boss is coming, change the screensaver to openSUSE 18 to hide that game” button. I don’t think I will see it soon. :frowning:

This looks more interesting to me. M$ can first use a Linux theme and make sure that their users are still comfortable. Then, they can get rid of their “ugly” engine behind it and replace it with Linux kernel. World will be saved!

I have not moved to Gnome yet on my main PCs, but my Sandbox PC is now running Gnome about 80% of the time (as opposed to running KDE-4.3.4). I like Gnome not because of stability claims (because I do not find it any more nor any less stable than KDE) but because of the “clean” layout of the desktop.

On another of my PCs (connected via a hardware KVM switch) I tuned KDE-4.3.4 to look a lot like the Gnome desktop (with a similar clean layout), and I kind of like that look. In fact they are so similar in initial appearance (my PC with the tuned KDE and my sandbox PC with Gnome) that I had to put an icon on the desktop labelling it as KDE or Gnome, so it was IMMEDIATLY obvious to me as to what PC was showing on the monitor.

Having typed that, I still prefer what is “underneath” KDE more than what I see in Gnome. But thats an initial assessment, and its too soon to make that a definitive assessment.

Per the Title/Topic of this chit-chat thread, I would not dream of making MY openSUSE desktop’s to look like winXP, but I might do that for friends or relatives if they wanted.

For example, my mother’s PC is running openSUSE-11.1 with KDE3. In Feb-2011 (when I update her PC to openSUSE-11.3) I need to choose a desktop for her, and KDE3 will not be an option. If I am not sufficiently happy with her mood to accept KDE4 , then I may put Gnome on her desktop, and tune it to look like winXP.

My wife and kids didn’t even realize that there is a new KDE version. I had adjusted almost everything they want to look like KDE 3 :wink:

A good desktop is a good desktop. I used to be a Gnome user, and I can’t even remember what exactly it was that made me switch to KDE4. All I know is that my KDE4 desktop looks pretty much like my Gnome desktop used to: top panel, lots of transparency, minimum desktop clutter. I could switch back to Gnome/Compiz/Emerald at a moment’s notice and I’d be just as happy, and have pretty much the same desktop. Call me a DE agnostic who just happens to be stuck on KDE4, for now.