Doeas anyone know how to make fonts to look as good as in ubuntu? configuration instructions from opensuse-community aren’t good-fonts are sharpened and unclear. I know that there was anshuljain’s (the configuration was very good) post with files but now files are deleted. How to solve it?

I find openSUSE better than Ub*
My settings](

it looks so good also in firefox? how did you configure it? (in gnome)

In gnome I use the defaults that openSUSE sets at install.
Let me login to gnome and check.

Here you are](

that’s what I mean the fonts are sharpened (I have the same config as you), in firefox are horrible, in ubuntu are smooth, I would like to config them in the same way and I cannot find answer how to do it

Well it’s all very subjective.
You see, I love openSUSE 11.3 gnome as it is. And, yes. I have tried Ub*, which to me seems too bulky/heavy.

to me it also seems heavy and buggy that’s why I would like to improve this one thing and no one knows how to do it

Sorry but that doesn’t make sense taking in to account my comments

What about two screenshots of Firefox, in the same website, in openSUSE and Ubuntu so we can compare?

ps. Don’t resize and specify if you have a LCD monitor.