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Hey all,

I know this has been talked about before, but my suggestion is a little different than the ones already suggested: on the OpenSUSE Wiki, the text on pages are vertically spaced more than the default, but on the forums, the vertical spacing is set to the default. It’s not a problem, but it is much harder to read when the text is crushed together and is also hard to read a long post when the text is so small and close together. So, my question is: would we be able to change the line-height in the CSS for the forum so that it looks more professional and is easier to read?

Thank you for the consideration.

Question for you: Which style/skin are you using and does one skin improve this area for you over another? You can select different skins by selecting one down in the footer. Lemme know.

I’m using: –openSUSE Default.

The other two do improve the text a bit, but doesn’t match the Wiki (I am able to switch to another skin). For the most part, I stick to using the Default skin because everything is available for use, such as the software page, the Wiki, etc. With the default though, the text, while it is small, is readable, just as the Wiki is, but it is crushed together, while the Wiki pages are a little more spaced. Like I said, not a big issue, but it is easier on the eye with more room, and it looks a little more professional that way.

Thank you, by the way. :slight_smile:

That’s good feedback to know. The same guy that designed the wiki did the default template…dunno what his thinking on the font style was but I’ll try to find out.

Thank you, by the way.

Thank YOU for the comments. No yelling, no screaming, no calling me a stupid idiot. Now THAT’S the kind of constructive criticism I like!

Sounds good.

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

> looks more professional

what i think is we need here is more professional fonts…

like the ones at this Font Conference:


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A Texan in Denmark

Sounds cool. Anything Verdana or Arial seems to be easy to read and easy on the eyes.

Whatever you guys what to do sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

…says a guy who participates via NNTP and doesn’t even see the web fonts. :slight_smile: