font rendering errors, nvidia

Hi everyone,

I just installed openSUSE11.1, on a system equipped with a nVidia 6800LE. I installed the nVidia driver, version 180.51. Now I have the problem that the fonts are often poorly rendered; see screenshot:](

I tried:

  • nv driver: problem not there (but because of performance I’d like to use the nvidia- driver)
  • changing refresh rate settings: small improvement (i think)
  • played around with the VBlank settings: no effects
  • played around with the anti-aliasing font settings: no effects
  • selected other screens in SaX2, no effects

Anybody seen this or something similar before? On Windows XP the card is working without a problem. Any suggestions on what I should try?

Thanks in advance!

Try these settings: Liberation Fonts
Use anti-aliasing
DPI to 96

Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion, but no luck. It seems the font I select does not make a difference… so it must be some driver problem then (correct me if I’m wrong)?

Maybe I should try to up- or downgrade the driver. On my laptop I use the same driver though, with no problems at all…

sorry, I forgot; anti-aliasing is set to ‘full’. The other settings won’t help. :frowning:

Set the font anti-aliasing to slight not full.

At slight the problem is still there.

Maybe also useful information: the first few minutes after ‘cold boot’, the problem seems to be less present. Could this indicate some hardware problem? But in Windows XP I never have and never had a problem with the videocard, so HW problem seems unlikely to me.

It’s probably not the card or the driver, but your monitor config. I visit the same site regularly and it’s OK in all browsers. Please post contents of /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Run 'sax2 -r -m0=nvidia" and check the settings of the monitor. Or pick the VESA or LCD generic with proper resolution.
Please let us know about results

I’m sorry for the late response. The problem still exists, but I’m short in time for now (exams…). Later this week I’ll look at it again and post my xorg.conf. Thanks a lot!

Good luck on your exams