Font matching broken (?)

Hi all,

I observe a strange font matching behaviour on my Leap 15 machine:

$ fc-match Dingbats
d050000l.pfb: "Dingbats" "Regular"
$ fc-match ZapfDingbats
Roboto-Regular.ttf: "Roboto" "Regular"

I have PDFs created by R which include symbols from the Dingbats font with the font name “ZapfDingbats” for which I would expect to get also the Dingbats font. Due to the wrong font, the symbol is missing. While I do not like PDFs with non-embedded fonts, the standard fonts Helvetica, Zapf Dingbats etc should work in any reader.

On another Leap 42.3 machine, the behaviour is correct:

$ fc-match Dingbats
d050000l.pfb: "Dingbats" "Regular"
$ fc-match ZapfDingbats
d050000l.pfb: "Dingbats" "Regular" 

Any idea where this is coming from?


add this lines to /etc/fonts/conf.d/30-metric-aliases.conf

<alias binding=“same”>

Roboto-Regular.ttf: “Roboto” “Regular” - maybe default font.
ZapfDingbats - maybe not installed font.

Try to install ZapfDingbats font.
Or make an alias as previously suggested.