Folder View Widget not working

So after installing 11.3 for some reason I cleared all the widgets off my desktop. When I add the folder view widget to the desktop again so I can see my desktop iconsthe widget doesn’t show my icons unless I click on it and they drop down. Without clicking on it, the widget shows the desktop icon (similar to the “show desktop” icon).

I don’t know what I’ve done to break it, any ideas?

Are you sure that you actually have placed a Folder View widget, and not a Quick Access widget? They are quite similar - at least I would think that they are easily mixed up - and the Quick Access does behave exactly as you describe.

Yes, I just checked. A quick access widget is only the size of a normal icon, but the folder view widget that I’m adding is an icon that has been blown up to the size of the normal folder view widget.

Upgrade or clean install?

If upgrade you may want to rename the ~/.kde4 folder (note this should be done from a terminal. You don’t change tires while the car is moving.)

And it is not that the icon size that the Folder View widget uses is racked up to the maximum.

But maybe this has got something to do with your icon theme. Try switching to another one in ‘Personal Setting > Appearance > Icons’, or switch to another one and switch back to your current one.

Have you checked the Folder View settings? You need to to have Show the Desktop Folder selected to get it to show the icons in the Desktop.