fluxbox crashes after running gkrellm

Dec 05 12:50:26 maketopsite systemd-logind[671]: Removed session 9.
Dec 05 12:50:25 maketopsite systemd[1]: Stopped Session 9 of user lightdm.
Dec 05 12:50:25 maketopsite systemd[1]: session-9.scope: Succeeded.
Dec 05 12:50:25 maketopsite lightdm[5039]: pam_unix(lightdm-greeter:session): session closed for user lightdm
Dec 05 12:50:25 maketopsite systemd[1]: Stopping Session 9 of user lightdm.
Dec 05 12:50:25 maketopsite lightdm[5086]: gkr-pam: stashed password to try later in open session
Dec 05 12:50:25 maketopsite lightdm[5086]: gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file

32 bit.

Other problem exists with lightdm on same machine: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/547768-lightdm-1128-segfault-on-reboot?p=2987224#post2987224

Anyone know please how to fix it ?

If I were to hazard a wild guess, the package was compiled without support for top, see the very last section in the bottom of this INSTALL page instructions (from source)


If everything else works, that would further my guess… Have you set up other monitors without a problem?

If everything else works, I’d

  • Recommend submitting a bug to https://bugzilla.opensuse.org
  • If you’re in a hurry to set up, you can try building from source… ie. Installing a GTK framework if not already installed plus its “devel” packages, either git clone the source or download and extract the tarball source, run make and make install (don’t forget that optional libgtop “plus development libs”(I don’t know exactly what they’re referring to))

If no monitors work, then I’d suspect the problem is more fundamental like a missing GTK framework(I don’t know if it’s required only for the build or if it’s still needed for runtime. Documentation doesn’t seem to say).
You might consider installing the XFCE Desktop, I’d guess that should ensure a working GTK Framework is installed, even if you promptly switch back to Fluxbox immediately after installing XFCE. If you stay with the XFCE Desktop, I would estimate the resources used would be approximately an extra 1-1.5gig RAM for a “normal” workload.


htop, iotop is mostly working fine.

Starting gkrellm is not the only cause of crash.

Crash happened also after:

  • quiting xterm using Ctrl D
    key - starting iotop in lxterminal

but it isn’t reproducible.

I’d still recommend installing XFCE even if you don’t actually use that DE.
Would ensure that the GTK framework is fully installed and properly on your system.

As always,
Although it introduces a new variable which shouldn’t be significant, I recommend experimenting in a VM eg using Virtualbox if you want to avoid mucking up your bare hardware install over time with unnecessary junk. Or, verify your BTRFS snapshots are working fine so you can rollback to undo anything you don’t want(but would generally have to be done fairly quickly or desirable changes would be lost during a rollback).


Well I’ll install XFCE when possible.

XFCE is installed but fluxbox still crashes