FlightGear Aircraft Packages for OpenSuSE?

I am looking at the FlightGear Aircraft Downloads site and am wondering if there is any OpenSuSE ready package to download/install/use. Anyone?


Yep looks like version 2.4 is in the games repo :
Index of /repositories/games/openSUSE_12.1

You can use this in the future for such searches :
software.opensuse.org: Download openSUSE 12.1

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Thank you.

You’re welcome.

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Actually, before I tried to install FlightGear-data package, I used RPM to check and it sure showed that FlightGear-data package has been installed in /usr/share/flightgear directory. Anyway, I clicked the FlightGear icon to launch, it is always defaulted to c172p aircraft. Is there a way to change the the default aircraft or even on-demand while inside FlightGear?

Sorry but I’ve got no idea. I have never played this game. I guess You need to read the manual or ask on some FlightGear forums.

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Try this: http://wiki.flightgear.org/FGo!!

Thanks for the link on FGo.

Sure thing. I hope it works for you.

i am look to download FlightGear Aircraft Packages for free…did any one know where i get this game in free… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Look at the second post in this thread.

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Hi, guys. I am new to this program and was looking for any software that can enhance my gaming experience. What does OpenSuSE can do for games?http://imagicon.info/cat/0/vbulletin-rolleyes.gif

The FlightGear release comes with 14 aircraft in the base package - this is what is also contained in the OpenSuSE fgdata package. The FlightGear repository has more than 350 aircraft - which are not part of the releases’ base package. These can only be downloaded via the link in your first post - or by cloning the FlightGear development repository. Generally, you’ll find more help here though:
FlightGear Forum