Flickering observed in fullscreen windows with Wayland

Hi, I’ve returned with another issue with NVIDIA :slight_smile:.
I’m using OpenSUSE tumbleweed, latest kernel, with official NVIDIA driver packages installed, and with all NVIDIA kernel modules loaded.

When I open a full-screen window, such as a youtube video in fullscreen on Firefox, I can observe entire frame
flickering, as in, not tearing, but frames jumping around. Oddly, when I use picture-in-picture mode in fullscreen, the issue doesn’t occur.

Should I file a bug report to Wayland or Firefox, or is this something I have to wait for NVIDIA to fix?

Which DE are you using? Just for comparative purposes…have you tried viewing full-screen video using a different browser?

While not necessarily directly related to the issue you describe, this information may be of interest…

I had same issue with GNOME DE + Wayland. But I use now X11. It is fine. My experience with Nvidia is not good. So I switch back to AMD Graphics card. I am happy no need to load kernel/driver work out of the box.