Flatpak Minecraft - where is the install folder, so I can copy new Maps into the save folder?

I am baffled. Thanks.

Have a look in ~/.var/app/

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thanks, will do.

User installs get stored in ~/.local/share/flatpak/ , and system wide apps and base content are stored in /var/lib/flatpak/ .

In this case it’s for app configuration so it seem that Bird’s answer is the right one, assuming this is the correct documentation for the flatpak minecraft package

Resource Packs, Modifications, etc.

If you want to use various resource packs or modifications (mods), you can transfer the resources (typically .jar files) to ~/.var/app/com.mojang.Minecraft/.minecraft.
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succceded with ~/.var/app/

son happily playing new maps.

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@jedibeeftrix Have a look at installing Flatseal, you can configure the app and also tell it directories to search etc…

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