Flash problems in Firefox

Morning all.

New install here, and relatively new to linux. Got my 11.1 opensuse install on a thinkpad r60. Everything works very well, graphics all correct and whatnot.

I have a clean install of firefox (removed the default one with the branding and beagle stuff), and have the flash plugin too.

Problem is that all flash content on all web pages in firefox appear as an off-white box. The box is about the right size of what the video would be, I think. Absolutely no content though of the flash program.

Has anyone any ideas? Does anyone want to know more? (more on request).

I have tried using the adobe alpha 64bit libflashplayer.so file (no joy), the adobe flash installer (no joy - wrong architecture it says).

Many thanks!


In a terminal:

rpm -qi flash-player

post result

Name        : flash-player                 Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version     :                        Vendor: openSUSE
Release     : 0.1.1                         Build Date: Wed 25 Feb 2009 17:17:18 GMT
Install Date: Fri 22 May 2009 11:29:00 BST      Build Host: Super-Pinguine
Group       : Productivity/Networking/Web/Browsers   Source RPM: flash-player-
Size        : 19568820                         License: Any commercial
Signature   : RSA/8, Wed 25 Feb 2009 17:17:34 GMT, Key ID b88b2fd43dbdc284
Packager    : http://bugs.opensuse.org
Summary     : Adobe Flash PlugIn and standalone Player
Description :
This package contains Adobe's Flash Plugin for the supported Web
browsers in addition to a standalone flash player application.

Ive removed it several times, as also with firefox. So if i need to start a fresh il use the yast thing and remove firefox and all traces of flash, then remove the .mozilla directories by hand to flush everything away.


So is flash working in other browsers, like konqueror, opera?

You can rename the .mozilla folder to .mozilla_old - but it shouldn’t be down to that really.