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I am new to opensuse 11.4. I am trying to copy the flash 11 beta file (libflashplayer.so) into the lib64/browser-plugins folder but i get 'Access Denied. Could not write to (destination).

Please guide me on what to do. Thanks.

You likey need to copy it with root permissions. Do you know how to copy a file with root permissions ?

Im afraid I dont. Would really appreciate if you could show me. Thanks.

Open a terminal and enter

su -
cp /path/to/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib64/browser-plugins

You’ll be prompted for the root password.

On 08/01/2011 12:36 AM, chief sealth wrote:
> Open a terminal and enter

or open the main menu and go Applications > System > File Manager >
File Manager - Super User Mode, then you will be asked for the root
password, give it and be VERY careful while operating it (or anything)
as root…

the root powered file manager is much like whatever you might have used
before to manage files…it has a dual pane mode, pick it and then side
by side have the file you want to copy/move on one side and
/usr/lib64/browser-plugins on the other…then just like always, drag
and drop…you will be asked if you want to copy/move or link…i don’t
know which you want, but i guess move…

BUT: the first question should be “Why are you not doing this task the
way most folks do, by following the easier way here:
http://tinyurl.com/68omn5o ??”

you might be happy to find some other stuff good for folks new to
openSUSE, here:


-=WELCOME=- new user, Have a lot of fun!

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