flash for chromium: where to find it?

just installed Tumbleweed (latest iso) on a laptop.
From googling I found out that the Firefox flash plugin is not supported anymore (good!), but what about chromium-pepper-flash-chromium for Chromium please?
I could’t find it in Yast (I have non-oss repositories enabled) and nor any info on the net.
I’m wondering also how many people/new_tumbleweed_users come here pestering the forum about flash: shouldn’t be there a sticky in a subforum or anywhere easily indexable by google?

my 2 cents :slight_smile:
and thanks

the flash plugin is supported as it always was, it’s just not in the main non-oss repo, you can get flash for firefox in the same place as pepper flash and that’s from packman.
if you have added packman as a repo
just install it if you don’t have packman add it

sudo zypper ar -f http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/packman/suse/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/ packman

and then install regular flash or pepper flash

sudo zypper in flash-plugin 
sudo zypper in chromium-pepper-flash

Yast → Software Repositories

Click on “Add”
Select “Community Repositories” and click Next
On the next screen, check the box for the Packman repo.

Click Finish (or is it Next).

Once you have added Packman, you can install chromium-pepper-flash with Yast Software Management.

While you are about it, also install “chromium-ffmpeg”. On that one you will get a conflict resolution dialog. Select the option to remove “chromium-ffmpegsumo”.

oh my god I feel so silly… sorry all: I just saw that the sticky exists :slight_smile:
but I’m still getting some “vendor change” and lot of that kind of messages… so scared to mess my system with different version libraries.
I’ll maybe post on that sticky post my doubts.

Cheers for now :slight_smile:

usually you need to do that vendor change. If you look further, you’ll realize all those packages are multimedia related, and that’s what’s Packman for.

you do not need a vendor change for flash, you need to do a vendor change if the same package exists (but crippled) in the main repository like the crippled ffmpeg and vlc, if you just add packman without a vendor change the crippled versions will remain this is not a problem for flash as it was removed from the main non-oss repo.