Flash, Foobar and Pulseaudio: sound not working.

I’ve been trying to use Wine to make Foobar work in Linux. The program does work, but it doesn’t make a sound. For the rest, is works perfectly. I’m having the same problem with any Flash application I try to run: everything works, but without a sound. Amarok, however, doesn’t have this problem.

Somewhere I found that such problem might be related to Pulseaudio. So I tried going on the Pulseaudio configuration under “other” in the sound panel in YaST, but it tells me that Pulseaudio is not installed or cannot be configurated.
I tried installing the package via Terminal, but it tells me that patterns-openSUSE-kde4_pure-11.3-22.1.x86_64 conflicts with pulseaudio given by pulseaudio-0.9.21-10.1.1.x86_64. I would have to delete it, if I wanted to install pulseaudio.

Now I don’t know where to put my hands. I am not good at this :frowning: I’m not even sure I would solve my trouble installing pulseaudio, anyway.

I’m using a sony vaio VPCEA3C4E with openSUSE 11.3 KDE installed trough USB key.

Check the PCM level in your mixer. It defaults to 0, flash (and probably Foobar) needs it to be > 0

Thank you a lot! It worked!