flash 64 some sites don' work.

Have my first ever install of a 64 bit OS installed and as a whole going OK with a few teething probs.

One of the probs is the need to install flash square in OS 11.4 64 to get a useable version of flash.

However, I am finding that some sites will not work correctly with flash square.

For example this site plays an advertisment before the rgualr programming without problem but gets stuck at “loading” when trying to play the main program.

Installing 32 bit version of flash and the site works fine - but of course there is no useable gui for the flash player when doing things this way on a 64 bit system.

Is this likely to be a bug in flash square player or the site?


You have the solution here : Fix your flash in 11.4 _64 with flash square

I’m sorry but you have misunderstood my post.
I already have flash square installed using the method in the link you provide.
My problem, as I said in my initial post is that some sites will not play in flash square.
If I remove flash square and install the 32 bit version then the site flash content will play correctly- but with a messed up flash gui

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood… :o

Ok, I visited your site and get the same thing as you.

Not sure if it is Flash the culprit here…