Firefox won't start (says it's already running)

when I start Firefox i get the message:
Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.

but I can’t find any firefox related process, nor restart helps.
I also see no lock file in the firefox directory:

~/.mozilla/firefox/af8cu1vg.default> ls
bookmarkbackups extensions.cache prefs.js
bookmarks.html extensions.ini search.sqlite
Cache extensions.rdf secmod.db
cert8.db formhistory.sqlite sessionstore.js
chrome key3.db signons3.txt
compatibility.ini localstore.rdf urlclassifier3.sqlite
compreg.dat mimeTypes.rdf urlclassifierkey3.txt
content-prefs.sqlite permissions.sqlite XPC.mfasl
cookies.sqlite places.sqlite xpti.dat
downloads.sqlite places.sqlite-journal XUL.mfasl
extensions pluginreg.dat

(opensuse 11.1)

When you put that computer output between CODE tags instead of screaming them out, it is better readable with less space on the screen.

Try first by renaming the *~/.mozilla *directory. Still wrong or not?

Thanx alot, works but I do not understand.

Sorry, next time i use code tag, did not see them

It simply means that that there is something wrong inside your ~/.mozilla directory. You allready assumed that, but only thought about some file having the word “lock” in it (or something like that). So you were trying in the correct direction, but it is apparently not very obvious what it is.

I can also not exactly tell you which file inside ~/.mozille is wrong. You could look through both directories looking for differences.
As the renaming you did also removed all personal configurations, history, passwords, etc. you may have stored in FF, this might be needed to do.

When you do not have much configs, etc., you can decide to remove the renamed directory and just use the new one generated now by FF. That is up to you to decide.