Firefox video playbacks (YouTube) doesn't work after clean install of opensuse tumbleweed

Dear Community,

I have a problem with Firefox or another browser when playing a video. I have already tried the obi-codecs commands and installed the latest Nvidia drivers. It shows 3 frames for the first second and then hangs, so I don’t think it’s the codec or anything but the latest updates of OpenSUSE could be the problem. I installed OpenSuse two days ago and everything worked fine with Firefox to watch YouTube. OpenSuse Tumbleweed seems to be unstable.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I believe its NVIDIA because there is the same issue on an other distro(kubuntu). Or is it kde plasma ?

Did you add the Packman repo and then the vendor switch to Packman?

Else much multi-media will not function.


In my experience, youtube never had problems for me before i installed codecs, but that may have changed since I first started using Tumbleweed