Firefox or Konqueror connection via Proxy


after a few year with OpenSuSE 12.3, I installed yesterday the new version OpenSuSE 13.2. I experience an issue with Proxy connection to the internet with every browser (firefox, Konqueror) Firefox does not prompt for a password and display a proxy error and konqueror ask for a password, display the requested page one time and bring an error the second time (proxy doesnot allow connection).
Zypper and Yast repositories and installation are working fine, I can access the Internet without error.
Do somebody has an idea?


Web browser applications have their own proxy configurations, and this is commonly because Web Proxies are often setup different than a regular network proxy (Web proxies proxy only the web protocols http(s), ftp(s)).

For this reason, you may have to go into your web browser’s settings, and depending on the browser networking and possibly advanced settings.
For larger networks, the network sysadmin should have deployed a web proxy script that is automatically downloaded to web browsers every time they initially connect, but on a home or small network you may have to configure manually.

So yes…
System proxy settings may not work for your web browser and other non-browser apps may work fine, this will typically depend on how that proxy is setup.



I have the reason and a solution too.

First the new version of firefox does not support NTLM v1 anymore (our proxy need it) and it is not possible to overwrite it in the about:config

I installed Firefox version 31, enabled NTLM_V1 in the about:config and ta-da it’s working again!

You just have to disable the upgrade possibility of firefox in yast, to avoid any new installation

OK people, I know NTLM_V1 is insecure, but most of the proxies are still working with it, and I find that firefox or Konqueror should, at least, give the possibility to override it.
I don’t have my Notebook for decoration I want to work with it!

Thanks for your answer!


Do you know what proxy you’re running?
I’ve never seen a proxy that supports only NTLMv1 and not NTLMv2 and I’ve been supporting proxy FW since 2000…