Firefox offline mode

In firefox i can’t surf the web and view my localhost, but in konqueror i can do that!

Firefox says that it is in offline mode, and when i switch it to online mode i can brows web pages!

When i see MyComputer, the icon of network shows offline status!

Is the problem with my low speed ADSL( about 3Ki/s)?

What should i do to make firefox get in online mode automatically?

Hi emab

You need to make sure you have your network interface configured correctly first. If you need more help with this, post more info about your hardware. Do you connect by wired ethernet connection or by wireless? A useful command to give information about your network hardware is ‘/sbin/lspci -v’. Do you have network manager running?

i did this in a new post: Important: Strange problem with pppoe connection in suse 11 - openSUSE Forums

i will be pleasant if u help me :wink:

It’s a longstanding issue, and I have no idea why it has not been fixed yet.

What I do is download the latest version of Firefox from the Mozilla site in .tar.bz2 format. Then I extract it into my Home folder (using the program whose name escapes me at the moment) and run it from there. If you go to the Firefox folder there is a “Firefox” icon that will launch the program. You can create a shortcut on your desktop to this icon.

For some reason, the version that comes pre-installed with Suse always launches in offline mode. But the one you download from Mozilla and install in your Home folder will stay offline after the first time you change the setting.

I know this is merely a workaround, but if someone else has a better solution, lets hear it.

Well, I had the very same problem… but I also have some more. First off all, when trying to start KInternet it says that ‘smpppd’ may not be running. I try it on then manually from the Konsole(by the way I’m using pppoe connection). Can anyone help how to turn on this automatically whil booting (the dsl0 connection is already set to default and to start automatically, but it doesn’t)??? Then, the update manager notifies me about updates, but is unable to install them (the trayicon turns green, then it turns back to red and says the same thing again, i don’t know what can be). I didn’t have all these problems while using openSUSE 10.3. I have a lot of problem and difficulties with this version. Please cum up with some ideas to help me. It’s becoming more and more annoying. I’m using my Suse with KDE 3.5, but I don’t think it matters anyway…

If you have smppd installed (it gets installed automatically along with Kinternet) go to Yast / System / Runlevel Services (I’m on Windows now so the names may be slightly off).

When you open Runlevel (or “System” can’t remember) Services there will be a list of services running in the background and smppd will be there, and you can enable it there and then when you exit, save the changes. You can’t dial out unless smppd is running, and it is not enabled by default (kinda dumb but I guess there are reasons for this).