firefox focus question

I have duck duck go set as my home page in firefox 80.Whenever i open a new tab that page shows up - good so far
the cursor is on the address bar when it needs to be on the ddg input box (same issue if i use google as my home page)
I have looked around the web and cant find out how to fix firefox so the focus is on the page and not the firefox address bar
Can anyone help?

I don’t know the answer.

I’ll just note that I use “focus follows mouse” and that’s probably why I don’t run into this problem.

That is normal behavior in Firefox and I use it that way. But my new tab page is also blank, so I *want *it actually to always land on the address bar.

You could change your default search engine and then you do not have to click into the webpage’s search bar. If you use DDG then that will be used in the address bar, the same with Google.

I am not sure if it can be changed from about:config, could be.