Firefox does not update

Good morning, everyone,
I wanted to ask you how come firefox for release 15.5 leap is stuck at version 115 when other linux versions already have Firefox 121 available ?

Thanks in advance

Leap use the ESR Version of Firefox:

So no Problem with Updates and bugfixes.

Otherwise use the Mozilla Repo:

System updated yesterday and a new Firefox was included:

boven:~ # zypper se -si firefox
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name                               | Type    | Version                  | Arch   | Repository
i+ | MozillaFirefox                     | package | 115.6.0-150200.152.120.1 | x86_64 | Updates from SLE 15
i  | MozillaFirefox-branding-openSUSE   | package | 68-lp155.7.4             | x86_64 | Main (OSS)
i  | MozillaFirefox-translations-common | package | 115.6.0-150200.152.120.1 | x86_64 | Updates from SLE 15

    Note: For an extended search including not yet activated remote resources please use 'zypper
boven:~ #

Thus I assume that this is up-to-date with (back-ported) security patches. As is normal in LEAP, where no newer versions of packages are introduced during the Leap versionā€™s lifetime, but security and recommended patches are offered.

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@hcvv Its the ESR Version, see helpā€”about in Firefox.

Or Picture in #1

Yes, you are correct. It is because of a different reason, but the idea behind it is the same IMHO.

@hcvv @Sauerland
there is exactly the same version that I installed

I didnā€™t remember that previous versions worked like this, I remembered that Firefox always had the updated version, maybe not the latest one.
Not that it doesnā€™t work, the installed version, only some sites inform me every time to update the browser.

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Some website creators donā€˜t know the difference between Firefox ESR and Firefox RR. Firefox ESR is fully up to date security wise, but does not have the newest features like the RR versionā€¦

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I do not know how you did make the quote in post #6, but you attributed it to the wrong person.

Yes, sorry I was wrong

You can get from Mozilla Repo:

S | Name                               | Type       | Version            | Arch   | Repository
  | firefox-esr                        | Paket      | 115.6.0-lp155.1.1  | x86_64 | Mozilla
  | firefox-esr                        | Paket      | 102.15.1-lp155.2.5 | x86_64 | Mozilla
v | MozillaFirefox                     | Paket      | 121.0-lp155.2.1    | x86_64 | Mozilla
v | MozillaFirefox                     | Paket      | 120.0.1-lp155.1.1  | x86_64 | Mozilla

The first ones are ESR Versions as in the Leap and SLE-Update Repos, but in Leap and SLE-Update Repo it is named:

i+ | MozillaFirefox                     | Paket      | 115.6.0-150200.152.120.1 | x86_64 | Sle-Update

Same Version as the ESR ones in Mozilla Repo.

The second ones are the ā€œnormalā€ Firefox.


Just in case, you have followed the link with your browser, you might want to scroll down and check the second page:

There, youā€™ll find the versions Sauerland showed you already. :wink:

I have seen thank you!
I have learnt something new, namely that the ESR version is perhaps even better than the continuous programme update, and the fact that many people are unaware of the stability and security of this type of version on a par with a newer version, I think more information should be made about this, especially for those who programme on the web, since they are then banking websites that advise you to update your browser.
I would say that this doubt I had about it not being updated has been resolved for me, thank you all.

This is wrong. ESR and RR are the same stable and secure. But RR gets new features more fasterā€¦

No. ESR is more stable. For instance:

Firefox has small market share, website developers use Chrome/Chromiums by default.

One bugā€¦.
Mozilla (the developer of Firefox) claims that RR and ESR are the same stable and secureā€¦

And your mentioned bug is not even a Firefox bug, but caused by newest compilers chosen by downstream distributionsā€¦

Stuff like that can also happen to ESR versionsā€¦

There are differences in supply chain: openSUSE Software
For Leap standard Firefox ESR goes from Main repo, RR goes from Mozilla repo. And Mozilla repo can delay.
Problem was solved after my bug report, not earlier: 1218118 ā€“ Firefox 120.0.1 is not available in Mozilla repository for Leap
For some time Firefox was left unupdated while vulnerabilities was publicized.