Firefox does not update tumbleweed version

Hello everyone, I just came to opensuse being a normal user, I still do not understand why some applications such as firefox does not update, being rolling release, days ago that came out version 117 and the version with which the system is installed is 116, try updating with the yast tool, but I do not detect any update, I would appreciate your help

Because it takes some time for the openSUSE Firefox maintainers to package the update, and get it through openQA before releasing it to the users.


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One single version behind isn’t bad.

They are way behind with Opera (now at 102 and 103-beta)… the standard repo has version 99. Choosing Flatpak Opera gets you version 102. That’s why I’ve moved to using the Opera Flatpak.

If you fire up Discover, select Internet, type firefox in search field and press Enter, you’ll see two install options. 116 is out in the standard repos. You will also see a Firefox Flatpak option, which is at 117.

I find the Flatpak updates happen sooner, which is why I now consider installing software as a Flatpak.

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Firefox in openSUSE’s repo is packaged by openSUSE, it will take some time to update, if you’d like to use the newest version as soon as possible, you can download the binary package from Mozilla’s official site or using the Mozilla repo.

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From today’s review of the week:

The next snapshot (0901, should it pass openQA) will bring these

  • Mesa 23.1.6
  • Mozilla Firefox 117.0
  • KDE Gear 23.08.0
  • glibc fix for malloc: Enable merging of remainders in memalign,
    remove bin scanning from memalign
  • grub 2.12~rc1
  • Linux kernel 6.4.12
  • XWayland 23.2.0
  • Keylime 7.5.0
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