Firefox b8


Has anyone heard when Firefox 4 beta 8 will be released and if it will make it into the repositories?

etech97 :slight_smile:

The due date was dec 7. But still no news about it.
About repos, not too sure when it will be up there. :wink:

Firefox 4 beta 8 slated for Dec 7 | ZDNet

I guess some last minute bugs to work out.

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:


Here we are with FF4 b8. Its available in repos.

Yes, I upgraded it last night :slight_smile: I find it fast…well after I disabled my add-ons :frowning: I hope that they work on them faster…I miss them already!!!

etech97 :slight_smile:

The majority of my add-ons are now installed and available :slight_smile:

Which repo is that?

U mean FF4 beta repo?
Its in mozilla beta repo. This can help you.
How to install Firefox 4 beta(s) in openSUSE 11.3

The referenced article omits the fact that the Mozilla:Beta repository requires the Mozilla repository.

You may also notice that the NoScript icon for versions >= no longer appears in KDE 4. It is necessary to update mozilla-kde4-integration with the version in the Mozilla repository to restore correct operation.

Neil Darlow

I should say that some people have made a good job under Ubuntu and Fedora in making possible to install both FF versions (3x and 4 beta) in parallel. Under Ubuntu, FF4 saves its profile in a different directory ( ~/.mozilla/firefox-4.0). Under Fedora, you have to create a separate profile. As I noticed running both in parallel wasn’t possible - or would have been to complicated under openSUSE - I haven’t updated Firefox yet.

Actually it was like that until i guess beta3 or 4, but for later builds, it just overwrite the 3.6.x settings and give you only one option to use.

Just for the uninitiated here:

Might be a plan to keep a backup of .mozilla
Just in case you want to roll back