Firefox and Java plugin solutions?

I use Firefox and am working with a Netgear Managed Switch device. When I wish to go to Device View I get a line telling me I need the Java Plugin. I understand that java plugins went out with the brown ball and that I should be using Iced Tea. Well I have this installed but please could somebody help with the configuration or installation into Firefox because it doesn’t work from me.

hello. Firefox stopped supporting java long ago, the only solution i can think of is to use a version of firefox from ~2015

read here for more info

You could also try Konqueror with the QtWebKit-based kwebkitpart. That should still support the Java plugin as well AFAIK.

Since March 7, 2017 no NPAPI plugins work AFAIK, not just the Java plugin).
And, that should go for all web browsers unless they contain very olld code.

Java Web Start is supposed to be how Java applets are supposed to be launched today, but if the web page is old code may not support this new method.

To install Java Web Start and launch Java applets…

Personally, I haven’t run this, and haven’t had a need to do so… It’s been a very long time since I’ve run across a web page that runs old technologies like this.