Firefox 111 package is still missing


I’m currently still waiting for Firefox 111 for tumbleweed. My Firefox version is the 110.0.1 (64Bit).

H*ise-Security already pointed out the new release on 03/14/23, but Zypper does not offer me an updated Firefox package until today (03/21/23).

Is this a single fate or is the 111 package still missing?

Many greetings and thanks for the feedback

@Skipper Hi, I suspect they are still working on some fixes before submission to Tumbleweed;

Ok, i.e. you still have the 110 Firefox too?

110 is what I have with the 20230318 Tumbleweed snapshot.

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Amazing that it takes so long for the patch to come, isn’t it? The 111 Firefox closes 13 partly high-risk security vulnerabilities… so, time is pressing…

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Firefox 111 is in the mozilla repo and I have it in 15.4

@Skipper don’t use it… chrome and epiphany user… :wink:

I have to correct you with the comment about taking so long (It was actually there about 7 days ago), this package is maintained by one person in their spare time, just like @larryr who takes care of virtualbox. Project contributors (like myself) have other things going on, feel free to step up and assist the maintainer I’m sure it will be appreciated.

As @larryr indicated you can add the Mozilla repo… but if it doesn’t work, then a bug report is needed.

Ok, thx for the info! :innocent:

Hi larryr,

as far as I can see, it’s only in the 15.3 repo, 15.4 as well as tumbleweed repos are still on 110.0.

@Skipper you need to follow the repo link to the current status, it’s still being worked on (and failing), maybe gcc13 fallout that needs fixing.

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Sorry, I’ve found it and it works! Thx a lot for the hint!